Full Day Tour

Zakreet is the name of the quaint village through which one travels to explore the Zakreet Peninsula. The peninsula is accessed by a circular route which can be traversed in either direction. I prefer to start at the ruins of Zakreet Fort adjacent to the village on the northeast side. There is little to be seen now except for the ruined walls and nearby cemetery.
I then cross the peninsula to the western side and travel north between the seashore and beautiful sandstone hills (jebels). There are many photo opportunities on the way to the rugged northern tip which is home to a Coast Guard Station.
After wandering around the interesting countryside we will come to an amazing sight; an oasis and village in the middle of nowhere. There are various explanations, but the best bet is that the village was built as a film set for an Arabic movie or series. Whatever, it is very captivating and well worth a visit.
In a canyon nearby one finds many, mostly, round stone structures. The purpose of these is obscure, but it is believed that these were also a film set. These 2 sites probably constitute "Film City". Is this a myth? Who knows!
From here, continue south variously along the coast or through the amazing flat topped jebels. There are many places to have a picnic lunch anywhere on the peninsula. Indeed it is also a great place to camp for a night and enjoy the great outdoors.

A 4wd vehicle is not necessary to explore the Zakreet peninsula.
Tour departs Al Khor at 0800
Returns to Al Khor at approximately 1700
Cost: In my vehicle QR 250. Lunch included